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Percival Lafer 2 seater glove sofa in leather and solid Jatoba wood, Brazil 1960's


Percival Lafer 2 seater sofa in leather and solid brazilian cherry wood Jatoba . Created in the 1960's by Percival Lafer and produced in the same period 

Designer : Percival Lafer 

Style : Brazilian Modernism 

Country of origin : Brazil 

Year / decade of Design: 1959/1969 

Year / decade of edition : 1959/1969 

Materials: Solid Pao fero or Jatoba  " Maecherium spp. Or Hymenaea .spp " further analysis needed to confirm either woods for export out of Europe. and leather upholstery 


Back Length 148 cm

Front Length 162 cm

Width of the full sofa 82 cm

Height of the sofa 78 cm

Seat height 42 cm

Seat Depth 55 cm

Seat Width 90 cm

Seat Length 145 cm

Condition : good vintage confition with some wear due to use and age

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