Sweden and Ikea. From post war functionalism to practical Design

IKEA! The big Swedish giant. Who haven't heard about IKEA?

When I was student in Brussels, i could barely afford any kind of furniture. The easiest thing to do was to buy some practical affordable furniture and where to go, if not,  obviously IKEA. I felt so proud when i purchased my first bookcase, my first desk, my first chair..... Who haven't felt that way on their first room, flat, apartment, house just go to IKEA and start pacing the trolley! first girlfriend, first moving in, first baby.... and so on IKEA has definitely been part of our every-day's life ups and downs.

We can say what ever we want about IKEA, like it or hate it but we can not deny the fact that IKEA had a huge imprint on the contemporary designs. The world is creaming out-loud for changes, for new beginnings, what a better way to do so if not by looking backwards and start using what is already out there and IKEA produced so many amazing timeless designs that are just sitting out there waiting to be picked up!

in the begining ikea was just selling furniture from a catalogue of other cabinet makers

from 1955 Ikea started producing its own furniture, they collaborated with some young promising architects and other furniture designers to start their own line of design to accommodate the Swedish population. after watching their neighbors in denmark

Thomas Harlev

Bengt Ruda

but in 1958 they opened theyr first store in älmhhult