And now what?

This is a new beginning, a new world is emerging where our consciousness must be stronger than our hunger for an easy life style at the cost of the total annihilation of all life forms on earth. And us with it!
The covid crisis was the alarm clock for humanity to wake up, nothing is granted. We must look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves the question... Am I the problem? What should I do to make the world a better place and maintain the balance of life? How can I minimise my impact on earth? How can I be part of the solution but not part of the problem?

For each person there is a personal battle inside for a change in our consumption habits.

My business partners and I have thought of how we could make a difference in our line of work with furniture. We told ourselves why not recover all the discarded furniture from our parents and grandparents and recreate au gout du jour amazing design furniture by using ecological friendly local materials. And that how Butikretroaktiv and Gallery Daellssy were born.

For a better future use what is already there. Don't cut a tree but instead plant one.

We are a Scandinavian art & design gallery, a collective of local small business and artists working together to create a space where any person no matter the income can afford the best quality hand made or restored local design furniture and other objects. 

We are located in Kristianstad, Skåne, We specialise in rehabilitating furniture by recycling, restoring and revamping vintage and other antique designs from very famous architects to the unknown designer who have contributed to create our heritage, the Scandinavian modern design. We also create ecological sustainable and practical design furniture by using discarded furniture as raw materials. we do not take part in deforestation to create au gout du jour design furniture but we rather use what was left by our predecessors. For a better future use what is already there.

Don't cut a tree but instead plant one.

We reduce our impact by reducing our consumption of energy, fuel and other pollutants. We try as much as we can to use local ecological friendly products and by the same time contribute in resurrecting a circular local economy.

Be part of the solution!

The image is our head office 💚💚💚 embedded in green with all kind of wild trees and flowers to sustain the local flora and fauna such as frogs, toads, bumble bees, birds, ants, reptiles, deer and even lynx.